Martin Parr’s Favorite Book from 2020

Estudio elemental del Levante by Ricardo Cases.   Published by The Ice Plant, Dalpine Books and Torch Press.

A wonderfully crazy book looking at the Levante area in Spain, with lots of often burnt out plants and imagery. Add in a handful of clichés (such as paella, the beach and musical bands), and it builds into something strange with Cases' usual strong shooting style. We also see the devastating effect of the red palm weevil, which attacks and kills native palm trees. The final twist is the cut-out imagery that Cases injects into the book. Both sides of the cutouts add to the accumulated anarchy and chaos of this very original and eloquent book.

Martin Parr is a photographer, a curator and editor. He co-authored, with Gerry Badger, The Photobook: A History. Volumes I-III.