Regina Anzenberger’s Favorite Book from 2020

ciprian honey cathedral by Raymond Meeks.   Published by Mack.

The best is when one of your favorite photographers makes a book with one of your favorite publishers. And it’s definitely a challenge for a publisher to do a book with an artist who has made amazing handmade books before. Raymond Meeks' second book with an European publisher is a masterpiece of bookmaking. The design simple and beautiful, a wonderful sequence and a perfect printing. Meeks strength is to give the seemingly negligible parts of daily life the importance of a poetical moment. Found beauty and form where others would not have suspected it. The portraits of his beloved partner, and artist, Adrianna Ault remind me of Stieglitz’s portraits of Georgia O’Keefe in their aesthetical impression.

Honorable Mentions:
Michael Schmidt: Photographs 1965-2014
Day Sleeper by Dorothea Lange & Sam Contis

Regina Maria Anzenberger is born and lives in Vienna Austria. She is an artist, curator, founder and director of the Anzenberger Agency and Gallery.