Rinko Kawauchi’s Favorite Book from 2020

Primal Mountain by Yuji Hamada.   Published by Torch Press.

Hamada's work is experimental and challenging every time.
You can feel sincerity in the way he always faces the reality in front of him by doubting.
Each turn of the page reveals a different mountain view.
It may not actually be the mountain itself, but it can make you feel like you've enjoyed a brief excursion in terms of a new visual experience.

Rinko Kawauchi. Photographer. Born in 1972 in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Today, she lives and works in Tokyo. In 2001 she released a series of three photographic books – UTATANE, HANABI, and HANAKO. Her other noteworthy publications include Illuminance (2011), Ametsuchi (2013), Halo (2017) and as it is (2020).