Tricia Gabriel’s Favorite Book from 2020

Meloni Meloni by Gerry Johansson.   Published by Johansson & Jansson.

What a beautiful title — Meloni Meloni. Evidently those words are what drew Gerry to photograph in this Italian village, as I read his book. It’s almost as if I have noise cancelling headphones on because the photographs are so quiet — they are delicately connected (the trees, houses, shadows) by this rhythm you find in so many of his books. But this one stands out from the others in a way that feels more personal. I started believing that I went to this village and walked around these places. I also love the salmon color linen cloth that is used for the cover.

Honorable Mentions:
The Awful German Language by J. Ladd
My Father’s Legs by Sara Perovic

Tricia Gabriel is based in Los Angeles and works in photography and fiber art. She is a cofounder of The Ice Plant and works for Artbook/D.A.P.

Photograph by Mike Slack.