Colin Pantall’s Favorite Book from 2021

Unprofessional by Matilde Søes Rasmussen.   Published by Disko Bay.

Unprofessional is one of those books where the biographical, the fictional, the documentary all overlap. Ostensibly it’s a book about Rasmussen’s time working as a model in Asia, but it comes with a text that highlights the dissatisfaction, the dysfunction, and the different layers that come with being a model. The narration is unreliable, the tone is spiky, and nobody ends up a winner. Except the reader perhaps.

Colin Pantall is a writer, lecturer and photographer based in Bath, Europe.

He writes for a range of publications and teaches on at graduate and post-graduate photography courses in the UK.

His photography focusses on domestic environments and family, and include his projects Brexit Pictures, Sofa Portraits, All Quiet on the Home Front, and My German Family Album, projects where the conflicting narratives of family, environmental and political histories collide.