Elizabeth Avedon’s Favorite Book from 2021

kissing a stranger by Joni Sternbach.   Published by Dürer Editions.

It was hard to choose just one favorite with all the great books that just came out this fall... but here is my choice. I absolutely love this book by Joni Sternbach. No flashy cover image, it has an updated 'old school' look from the outside, with a study of Sternbach’s early work made during the 1970s and 1980s unfolding inside. From the many facets of her archival images, we feel the artist exploring her youth, trying out new ideas and ways of expressing herself. From the timeless quality of the work to the beautiful layouts and thoughtful sequencing, you can feel the care that’s gone into each page. A quietly poetic experience.

Elizabeth Avedon is an independent curator, book designer and photo consultant. Juror for the Leica Women Foto Project and Lucie Photo Book Awards in 2021, Elizabeth's interview with Mona Kuhn in her retrospective monograph, Mona Kuhn: Works (Thames & Hudson, 2021), provides insights into Kuhn’s creative process and the ways in which she works with her subjects and locations, and achieves the visual signature of her imagery.