George Slade’s Favorite Book from 2021

The Moon Belongs to Everyone by Stacy Mehrfar.   Published by GOST Books.

My selection has been taunting me ever since it arrived on my desk. The Moon Belongs to Everyone is evocative, modestly sized, and lovely to contemplate. It has also been resistant to my efforts to put words around it in the form of a review. I simply enjoy picking it up, smelling it, admiring the way its use of silver ink on black paper simulates moonlight and how its colors come at you like when you emerge from a darkroom, affirmatively yet respectfully. I love the enigmatic human gestures, the webs and veils and mists that Mehrfar has recorded. Her world reflects transience and striving, the challenges of finding one's footing. It's enigmatic and elusive, and it distinguishes itself in continuing to stymie my attempts to cast it in words.

George Slade is a writer and photography curator/historian based in Minnesota's Twin Cities.