Jon Feinstein’s Favorite Book from 2021

In Plain Air by Irina Rozovsky.   Published by MACK.

I've followed Irina Rozovsky's work for nearly two decades, moved by her poetic photographs of culturally and politically loaded landscapes like Israel/Palestine, Russia, and Cuba. Her new book of photographs, while moving away from charged terrain, takes a similar lens to the diverse cultural landscape of Brooklyn's Prospect Park. Here it's all about the warm light, a tool for bringing out stillness and the joyful fragility of human existence. A woman playing violin in a pool of sunlight beneath some autumn trees. A couple lovingly gazing into each other's eyes. A man gently cradling his pitbull in the last light of the day. It's street photography with a softer edge — an escape to sit and soak in hope during a hard moment in time.

Jon Feinstein is a Seattle, WA and NYC-based curator, writer, and photographer. He is the co-founder of Humble Arts Foundation and content director for The Luupe, a new platform helping brands collaborate with women and non-binary photographers. His writing has been published in Aperture, VICE, Adobe's blog, Hyperallergic, and more. Recent honors include the 2019 Blue Sky curatorial prize and the 2021 Peter S. Reed Foundation grant.