Paula McCartney’s Favorite Book from 2021

Recorder by Miranda Lichtenstein.   Published by Loose Joints.

Miranda Lichtenstein’s, Recorder, is both an intellectual exploration of excess and reuse as well as a seductive visual escape, with three different papers each devoted to three different interwoven series offering a satisfying tactile experience. The skeleton leaf look of the Holes image that wraps and extends over 4 pages on the inside cover lured me in. I’m pulled further inside encountering the Ground images. Inside the cutout, the absence, there is presence, built up from the strata of translucent pages allowing multiple views on a spread. Passing through to the Untitled works, a kaleidoscope of lines, light and color are layered and intensify to the point of rivaling the visual energy of a futurist painting. Recorder is a smart and satisfying dialog between structure and content.

Paula McCartney is an artist living in Minneapolis, MN. Her new artist book, Vessel, combines her love of making books and ceramics.