In years past we've asked hundreds of people immersed in the photobook world to make their selections for their favorite book of the year. This year, we've decided to focus our attention internally and let our staff, who are all passionate about photobooks, act as a group and single out those books which we feel are the best contributions to this incredible art form.

Each year we see an ever-increasing number of photobooks, from self-published, small press and mainstream publishers, to our diverse, niche publishers throughout the world. From these, we select what we feel are the most interesting titles to market to you, our photobook lovers, through our daily and weekly newsletters, our website and social media, and in our fabulous Santa Fe bookstore.

As a result, photo-eye, now in our 44th year, is in a unique position to select books that we feel rise to the top and merit your attention and consideration.

We hope you enjoy our selections.

Rixon Reed  Founder/Director
Christopher Johnson  Book Division Manager
Owen Kobasz  Newsletter/Social Media Editor
Porter McLeod  Shipping Manager
Tommy Geanakos  Bookstore Associate
Anne Kelly  Gallery Director
Jovi Esquivel  Gallery Associate
T W E L V E   F A V O R I T E   P H O T O B O O K S

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