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Photographs by Dimitra Dede.
Void, Athens, 2019. 112 pp., 8¾x12½".

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Publisher's Description

Life is ephemeral.
Motherhood is a fight for perpetuation.
Is it just an illusion?

After the loss of her mother the artist experiences the interruption of her own timeline on one end while having to fulfill her own role as a mother to the other end. In that end, motherhood in Dede’s universe is not connected only to warmth or joy but to cold, ice surfaces that need to stand the pressure of an overheated world.  

Mayflies – Scientific name: Ephemeroptera

The name Ephemeroptera is derived from the Greek 'ephemera' meaning short-lived, and 'ptera' meaning wings. This is a reference to the short lifespan of adult mayflies. Most adults are delicate insects with a very short lifespan. They emerge, reproduce, and die in a single day.

The treatment of the images has been done by using chemicals, wax, fire or by painting on negatives or prints. 

The artist experiencing her own slow fading from the world, wants to add herself in the mourning matter, bringing the universal issue to her own small cosmos. her interference in the images makes them contain 'her' into each piece.

Opposed to how photographic prints are usually handled with care, caution, touched only with gloves, in a museological-archival-ish way, that makes the photo print something 'solemn', the techniques the artist uses to produce her final pieces of work are violent ones, that give the impression that she leaves on them the imprint of her own body as a proof of her existence.

Dimitra's violence turns the photo object into a vulnerable and somehow ill-varnished object.

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