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The Vanities
Photographs by Larry Fink.
Sale $47.60

  War Sand
Photographs by Donald Weber. Text by Larry Frolick, Kevin Robbie and Donald Weber. Design by Teun van der Heijden, Heijdens Karwei. Separations by Sebastiaan Hanekroot, Colour & Books.
Sale $65.00

An Occupation of Loss
Photographs by Taryn Simon. Edited by Andrea Rollefson.
Sale $30.00

Hatje Cantz
  Raise the Bar
Photographs by Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs.
Sale $29.95

RVB Books & LE BAL
Between Screens
By Olivier van Breugel & Simone Mudde. Essay by Nicole Montagne.
Sale $32.00

NotAnother Publisher
  Skin Memories
Photographs by Thomas Mailaender.
Sale $47.50

Rvb Books
11.21.11 5:40 PM
Photographs by Richard Misrach.
Sale $72.25

Fraenkel Gallery
  Amc2 Journal Issue 12
Designed and edited by Erik Kessels.
Sale $20.25

Amc Books
Les Copains
Photographs by Johan Van Der Keuken.
Sale $15.00

Foci Press & Van Zoetendaal
Photographs by Erika Diettes. Texts by Marko Schwartz and Giovanni Morelli.
Sale $50.00

Consuelo Mendoza Ediciones
The House That Burns Every Day
Photographs by Marina Gadonneix.
Sale $12.60

RVB Books
  Inherit the Dust
Photographs by Nick Brandt.
Sale $45.50

Edwynn Houk Editions
An Archeology of Fear and Desire
Photographs by Frederic Brenner.
Sale $39.95

  Tones of Dirt and Bone
Photographs by Mike Brodie.
Sale $66.50

Twin Palms Publishers
New Messages
Photographs by Andrew Laumann. Edited by Andrew Laumann and Kimmy Fung.
Sale $7.00

Gottlund Verlag
  Seeing and Believing
Photographs by Nancy Burson. Text by Michael L. Sand.
Sale $35.00

Twin Palms Publishers
Eikoh Hosoe
Preface by Peter C. Bunnell. Introduction by Eikoh Hosoe.
Sale $6.00

Muso Press
  The Studios of Pietrasanta
Photographs and text by Hans Bol.
Sale $20.00

Lodima Press / Michael A. Smith
She Comes in Colors
Photographs by Florian Braakman.
Sale $25.00

Photographs by Karen Knorr.
Sale $54.00


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