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Seven Kinds of Loneliness
Photographs by Raymond Meeks.

Photographs by Sal Taylor Kydd.

Datz Press
Golden Days
Photographs by Max Sjödin.

Kult Books
  Seeing Time
Photographs by Mark Klett. Text by Anne Wilkes Tucker, Rebecca Senf, and Keith F. Davis.

University of Texas Press
100 Polaroids
Photographs by Patrick Sansone.

Sansonica Books
  Real Life Dramas
Photographs by Mary Frey. Essay by Tim Carpenter.

Peperoni Books
Friday Night in the Coliseum
Photographs by Geoff Winningham.

Dancer Press
  New Monuments
Photographs by Shane Lavalette.

Picture Summer on Kodak Film
Photographs by Jason Fulford.

Photographs by Amak Mahmoodian.

RRB Photobooks
A Clearing
Photographs by Raymond Meeks.

Nazraeli Press
  Combing for Ice and Jade
Photographs by Kurt Tong.

At the Edge of the Decipherable
Photographs by Uta Barth. Text by Elizabeth A.T. Smith. Designed by Paul McMenamin.

St. Ann's Press and MOCA
  The Ballad of Soames Bantry
Photographs by Saul Leiter. Text by Michael Torosian, based on the accumulated reflections of the artist and his circle.

Lumiere Press and Howard Greenberg Gallery
Photographs by Masao Yamamoto.

Nazraeli Press
Photographs by Tomoko Sawada.

Super Labo
Memories of a Dog
Photographs and text by Daido Moriyama.

Nazraeli Press
Photographs by Martin Parr. Text by Susie Parr.

Chris Boot & RM Editions
Remote Scottish Postboxes
Photographs by Martin Parr. Text by Susie Parr. Design by Victoria Forrest.

RRB Photobooks
  Wave Music
Photographs by Clifford Ross. Essay by Arthur C. Danto. Interview with A.M. Homes.

Blind Spot & Aperture

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