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Essex County
Photographs by Stephen Shore.

Nazraeli Press
  Just Between Us
Photographs by Greg Gorman.

Arena Editions
Photographs by Carlo Mollino. Text by Fulvio Ferrari and Napoleone Ferrari.

Arena Editions
Photograph by Robert Heinecken.

Nazraeli Press
Photographs by Lee Friedlander. Text by Peter Galassi and Maria Friedlander.

Nazraeli Press
  Essex County
Photographs by Stephen Shore.

Nazraeli Press
William Eggleston's Guide
Photographs by William Eggleston. Text by John Szarkowski.

Museum of Modern Art
  At the Edge of the Decipherable
Photographs by Uta Barth. Text by Elizabeth A.T. Smith. Designed by Paul McMenamin.

St. Ann's Press and MOCA
Naoya Hatakeyama
Photographs by Naoya Hatakeyama. Text by Stephan Berg, Charlotte Cotton, and Naoya Hatakeyama.

Hatje Cantz Publishers
  Office / Kontor
Photographs by Lars Tunbjork.

Journal Publishers
All-American: Short Stories
Photographs by Bruce Weber.

Little Bear Press
  Spirit of Angkor
Photographs by Dean Armstrong. Introduction by Toni Shapiro-Phim.

Pilgrims Publishing
Indian Nations
Photographs by Danny Lyon. Text by Larry McMurtry.

Twin Palms Publishers
  Seeing and Believing
Photographs by Nancy Burson. Text by Michael L. Sand.

Twin Palms Publishers
Anthony Goicolea
Photographs by Anthony Goicolea.

Twin Palms Publishers
  The Artist Observed
Photographs by Sidney B. Felsen. Text by Constance W. Glenn.

Twin Palms Publishers
Small Deaths
Photographs by Kate Breakey. Text by A.D. Coleman.

University Of Texas Press
  Form and Fashion
Photographs by Sheila Metzner. Text by Ralph Lauren and M. Raven Metzner.

Arena Editions
Small Deaths
Photographs by Kate Breakey. Text by A.D. Coleman.

University Of Texas Press
  Road Trips
Photographs by Timothy Hearsum.

Hearsum Editions
Cien Años, Cien Dias
Photographs by Manuel Álvarez Bravo. Text by Ignacio Toscano, Carlos Monsivais and Octavio Paz.

Turner Publicaciones
  Spider's Strategy
Photographs by Osamu Kanemura. Text by Arata Isozaki.

Osiris Co.
Beauty's Nothing
Photographs by Nadav Kander. Texts by Nick Cave, Gerard Malanga, Peter Carey, Julia Alvarez, and John Yau.

Arena Editions
  John Rawlings: 30 Years in Vogue
Photographs by John Rawlings. Text by Kohle Yohannan.

Arena Editions
Slow Glass
Photographs and text by Naoya Hatakeyama. Additional text by Mark Haworth-Booth and Susie Medley.

Light Xchange and Winchester Gallery
  Residual Landscapes
Photographs by Edward Burtynsky. Interview by Michael Torosian.

Lumiere Press
House Hunting
Photographs by Todd Hido. Text by A.M. Homes.

Nazraeli Press
  The Sky Book
Photographs by Richard Misrach. Text by Rebecca Solnit.

Arena Editions
Photographs by Tom Baril.

Arena Editions
Photographs by Bruce Weber. Text by S. E. Hinton, Muhammad Ali, and Robert Frost. Design by Sam Shahid.

Little Bear, Inc.
Ezekiel's Horse
Text by John Wood. Photographs by Keith Carter.

University of Texas Press
Photographs by William Wylie. Text by Merrill Gilfillan.

University Press of Colorado
Placing Time and Evil
Photographs by Andres Serrano. Text by Bjorn Follevaag.

  Loose Change
Photography by Suzanne Opton.

Suzanne Opton
The Shadow Sculptor
Photographs by William Ropp.

Self Published
  Holding Venus
Text by John Wood. Photographs by Keith Carter.

Arena Editions
Robert Maxwell: Photographs
Photographs by Robert Maxwell. Interview by Genevieve Field.

Arena Editions
  The Sky Book
Photographs by Richard Misrach. Text by Rebecca Solnit.

Arena Editions
Passage: Europe
Photographs by Richard Copeland Miller.

Lodima Press
  Twilight Zones
Text by Jorge Wagensberg and Marti Peran. Photographs by Joan Fontcuberta.

Photographic Memories
Photographs by Don Hong-Oai.

Custom & Limited Editions
Photographs by Lynn Davis. Text by Rudolph Wurlitzer and Patti Smith.

Arena Editions
Poems of Sorrow
Photographs by Luis González Palma. Text by John Wood.

Arena Editions
  Photographic Memories
Photographs by Don Hong-Oai.

Custom & Limited Editions
Fotografía Pública
Edited and with text by Horacio Fernández.

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia
  Mobil 100
Photographs by Martin Fengel and Bernd Zimmer. Text by Anjar Elcher.

Bernd Zimmer/Plant Sueden
Reconnaissance Wales
Photographs by Josef Koudelka. Essay by Derrick Price.

  Brooklyn Gang, Summer 1959
Photographs by Bruce Davidson.

Twin Palms Publishers
Bright Humility
Photography by Jaakko Heikkilä.

Art Consulting Scandinavia
Photographs by Robert Frank.

Albert Renger-Patzsch: Das Spätwerk
Photographs by Albert Renger-Patzsch. Text (in German) by Christoph Schreier, Claus Pfingsten, and Wolfgang Haber.

Photographs by Marcus Lyon.

Marcus Lyon @ The Glassworks
Telex Iran
Photographs and text by Gilles Peress.

  Beauty in Photography
Text and photographs by Robert Adams.

Crimes and Splendors
Photographs by Richard Misrach. Text by Anne Wilkes Tucker. Essay by Rebecca Solnit.

Bulfinch Press
Photographs by Olaf Nicolai.

Walther Konig
Harms Way
Edited and Introduction by Joel-Peter Witkin. Essays by Stanley B. Burns, Md, Aaron H. Esman, Md, and Eugenia Parry Janis.

Twin Palm Publishers
Photographs by Herb Ritts.

Twin Palms
Photographs by Jock McDonald.

Jock McDonald
Photographs by Steven Arnold. Text by James Leo Herlihy.

Twelvetrees Press
I Want to Take Picture
Photographs, text, and design by Bill Burke.

Nexus Press
  Cray at Chippewa Falls
Photographs by Lee Friedlander.

Cray Research, Inc.
Laura Gilpin: An Enduring Grace
Photographs by Laura Gilpin. Text by Martha A. Sandweiss.

The Amon Carter Museum
Photographs by Nadar. Text by Renato Giovannoli. Edited by Daniela Palazzoli.

Gruppo Editoriale Electa
The American Monument (Special Edition with Print)
Photographs by Lee Friedlander. Essay by Leslie George Katz.

Eakins Press
  Hills Brothers Ansel Adams Coffee Tin
Ansel Adams.

Hills Bros. Coffee Inc.
Of Night and Day
Photographs by Nell Dorr.

New York Graphic Society
Photographs and text by William Klein. Text by Maurice Pinguet.

Crown Publishers, Inc.
Weegee's Secrets and Weegee by Weegee: An Autobiography
Photographs and text by Weegee (arthur Fellig). Contribution by Mel Harris.

Designers 3 and Ziff-Davis
  US Camera 1937
Edited by T.J. Maloney. Text by Beaumont Newhall, T.J. Maloney, and Edward Steichen.

William Morrow & Company

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