New York Minute.  By Stephen Shore.

New York Minute.

By Stephen Shore.
Phaidon, London, 2013. Unpaged, illustrated ibook,

Publisher's Description
Phaidon Press is delighted to present A New York Minute, the first digital format project by renowned artist Stephen Shore. Available exclusively from the Apple iTunes store from 20 November 2013, A New York Minute is the first original, digital-only product from the world's premier publisher of books on the visual arts. A multi-touch digital book comprised of sixteen short films inspired by Shore's love for his home city, A New York Minute captures both the dynamism and the lyricism of the world's most iconic metropolis.

Best understood as video art in a digital book form or, as Shore describes the work, 'still photographs flowing in time', A New York Minute, continues the artist's practice of observing the nuances of everyday experience whilst investigating the medium of photography itself. Capturing the often overlooked details of commonplace situations as well as the richness of street life, Shore pushes the boundaries of the digital book as a medium whilst creating a work of art that will never exist as a physical object.

Introduced and contextualised with an essay by writer and critic, Luc Sante, A New York Minute plays with the traditional photobook format: each video is presented surrounded by white space and the videos themselves contain no sound, no editing and no camera trickery. Shore's fans will recognise the relationship between this new work and Intersections, his super 8 format film from 1972 and New York City 2000/02, a series of black and white large format street photographs. As with this earlier series, in A New York Minute seemingly inert details appear to reveal underlying narratives that we can never access. Whilst some of the videos in this new project capture the non-stop movement, bustle and mass of humanity that characterise the contemporary city, others reveal the unexpected poetry of small, quiet moments - shadows moving almost imperceptibly across a sidewalk or a puddle of water trickling through a gutter.

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