Astra Velum.  Photographs by Fritz Liedtke.
Astra Velum.  booktease preview.

Astra Velum.

Photographs by Fritz Liedtke.
Fritz Liedtke Fine Arts, 2011. 13 pp., 12 hand-printed photogravures with a chin-collé of Japanese paper, 11x14".

Publisher's Description
'Fritz Liedtke's limited edition loose plate portfolio titled Astra Velum contains 12 prints bound in a custom-made clamshell box and is available only in an edition of 12. Liedtke takes on the subject of lovely freckled women whose faces are covered in the 'veil of stars'. One subject notes that the multitude of dots are sometimes perceived as a flaw of complexion, but Liedtke embraces them as mark of beauty. Just as each woman is presented as an individual, Liedtke's photogravures are all unique as they are created with the process chin-collé, a method where a second paper (a handmade Japanese paper) is pressed in between the ink and the backing. As Leidtke explains about his process the primary medium for the photogravure is Rives BFK, a the classic standard in printmaking, and the second is handmade Japanese paper called Kitikata. These lovely, luminscent, one-of-a-kind prints really must be seen to be appreciated. Each portfolio is a unique collector's edition. Liedtke just released the edition and only 11 remain. Prices will increase as the edition sells. ' - Melanie McWhorter from photo-eye Blog post Photolucida Book Discoveries.

Astra Velum is available as a limited-edition portfolio of 12 photogravures, in a custom clamshell box.
The impressions are approx. 5.5 x 8' on 11x14' paper.

Tier schedule for price increase as editions sells:
1-3 $5,500 (1 remaining)
4-6 $6,000
7-8 $6,500
9 $7,500
10 $8,500
11 $10,000
12 TBA

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