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Parallel Landscapes.
Photographs by Mark Citret. Text by Al Weber, Mark Citret, Stephen Arkin.
Shinbark Press, San Francisco, USA, 2016. 108 pp., 47 tri-tone illustrations, 12x11".

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Publisher's Description

For four years Mark Citret photographed a huge construction site in the southwest corner of San Francisco. Here is an exerpt from his own introduction to the book, Parallel Landscapes:

'With every visit I was treated to new places to stand— places that did not exist the day before, and that could well be gone the next.

The images appeared on the ground glass, that 4x5 inch frame whose edges determined all that would be included, and all that would be excluded. I felt like a miner who was unable to even begin digging, because the gold nuggets were just lying there on the surface, waiting to be gathered like so many fallen apples...

From 1990 to 1993 I chronicled the continuing metamorphosis: excavation to foundations; foundations to walls and columns; walls and columns to enclosed rooms and cavernous chambers. It was a mythic hydra of steel and stone: growing new heads, sprouting appendages, shedding and regenerating its skin, and constantly revealing itself anew. Sunshine and open sky gave way to what little daylight could find its way through doors or skylights. Powerful halogen lamps illuminated the darkened depths.

As they were completed, entire buildings were backfilled beneath the sand. It was as if it were a massive archeological dig, somehow thrown into reverse. It was the landscape I had always dreamed of.' — Mark Citret

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