Days I Remember.

Photographs by Harvey Yamaguchi.
Super Labo, 2020. 48 pp., 45 black-and-white illustrations, 8¾x9".

Publisher's Description

No matter what the situation, you may be thrilled by the sight you see. It appears all over the city, through the windows, at home, during lectures, and in everyday life. The sight has some power to make your mind positive, and your mind resonates and is sucked in. However, these sights are blown away by the wind at the next moment and disappear, and the
same thing never appears again. In my case, by taking them and leaving them, the positive wave that the subject diverges is stored on the photo, and eventually the photo resonates with other people's mind, so that society and people's heart can be a little positive I hope you.

Each artist has their own theme and method, and the needs they receive are various, so they can create a certain scene by creating or directing, leave only real scenes from the surroundings, or multiply real and directing There is also a method of expressing negative things. Either way, I pursue each theme in the way I want and excel.

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