New World Rites.  Photographs by Justin Guthrie.
New World Rites.  booktease preview.

New World Rites.

Photographs by Justin Guthrie.
Rainwater Books, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2022. In English. 84 pp., 57 photographs, 8¼x11¾".

Publisher's Description

New World Rites eponymously describes the forced acclimation of ancient indigenous rituals of the “Old World” to the foreign environment of the “New World.” The Indigenous have fought tooth and nail for hundreds of years to uphold their beliefs, traditions and spiritual practices. However, these customs now exist only in the minds of their inheritors, especially with so many displaced into cities far from Native grounds. With their traditions being nearly eradicated through wars, policy, and indoctrination, the Indigienous must pass down their heritage verbally, in songs and stories, to be stored in the wits of the next generation. In this New World environment, the rituals have had to evolve to endure the degradation of the natural world in which the traditions were once built upon. As the times change, so must the rituals. New World Rites examines the narrow path the Indigenous walk to simultaneously maintain their beliefs while assimilating to this New World…What will the future of Indigienous spirituality look like a hundred years from now? What does it look like today?

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