Sanctuary. New Works by Linda Alterwitz. Photographs and artworks by Linda Alterwitz.
Sanctuary. New Works by Linda Alterwitz. booktease preview.


New Works by Linda Alterwitz.

Photographs and artworks by Linda Alterwitz.
Self-published, 2021. In English. Unpaged,

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Printed in a limited edition of 75 copies.

The concept of sanctuary, though often idealized, is rarely acknowledged as fleeting and subjective. Sanctuary: New Works by Linda Alterwitz explores notions of refuge with an interdisciplinary approach and great psychological depth. Replete with photographs featuring landscape and architectural imagery, brain scans printed on gauze, simulated wind, and a musical score composed by Christian Tamburr, Alterwitz’s installation feels like embarking on a journey inside one’s own mind. From moment to moment, the rhythmic flapping of gauze and gentle driving melody of Tamburr’s score serve as reminders that psychological states are temporary, constantly ebbing and flowing depending on external stimuli. This experiential installation reminds the viewer that change is required for personal growth, and that exploring one’s vulnerability is necessary for healing. Ask yourself: What do I need to feel safe and grow?

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Linda Alterwitz’s photographs feature mysterious landscapes and blurry, abstracted images of homes. When paired within an exhibition, these types of images imply the push and pull within each person’s internal and public life. In the context of this exhibition, they also serve as potential locations of refuge or conflict; it is hard to separate the two. Take for example the nylon sutures adhering the brain scans (electroencephalograms) to Alterwitz’s photographs. The scans are visual representations of individuals’ brain activity while they are distressed. Affixing the scans to images with sutures simultaneously implies healing as well as trauma. While the two are inextricably bound to one another, there is great optimism in Alterwitz’s drive to create a space of safety and healing within her exhibition. Her continued dialog with medical professionals, including work with internal medical residents and graduate nursing students at the Mayo Clinic, underscores her commitment to helping others find peace.

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