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fourteen people

Photographs by Robert Fleischanderl. Introduction by Ian Jeffrey.
Weidle, Bonn, 2000. In English, German. 104 pp., 28 color illustrations, 12x12".

Publisher's Description
„fourteen people“ is evidently a documentary essay, but beyond that it is a tour the force in the deconstructive mode. History is the subject principally. What Fleischanderl has done for us is to frame history in the kind of corporeal terms which we can easily understand. If X was born in 1920 and the portrait was made in 1998, he/she is 78 years of age. We can imagine the century in terms of life spans and expectancies, and even feel it in our own flesh, which we can touch by way of comparison. All fourteen are, or were, refugees - and Jewish refugees at that. When does a person cease to be a refugee? Is there a point when one becomes British, for example? So, we are interested in the meeting and mixing of cultures, and the fourteen interiors on show here do most certainly service that interest. „fourteen people“ both needs and deserves to be considered with great care. You will find, despite the modesty of the title, that it deals most effectively and thoroughly with history as ethics, with the recurring problem of I and thou. „fourteen people“ allows us to rehearse and to reflect on the situation. Fleischanderl and his participants ought to be admired and praised that they have encompassed so much whilst appearing to be no more than themselves. (Ian Jeffrey)

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