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Nadja Groux
Nadja Groux, Paris, 2010. In English / French. 40 pp., 36 color plates, 15x11".

Publisher's Description
127th@StNick Radioscopy of a street corner, taken from my window in Harlem. This project takes place within the current debate about how machines see us and how we see the world and the related subsequent negotiations. This series of photos has been made over several years, from a similar angle, the window of my 5th floor apartment in Harlem, New York, showing the same street corner and its activities, 127th Street and St Nicholas Terrace. It is curated as a story board with photos closed-up in alternation. At the beginning, it was just a game consisting of stealing some street scenes. However, gradually, the game became a project and an almost clinical observation of a neighborhood. The series questions the various layers of observation and control systems taking place in this neighborhood such as the one of the city through NYPD helicopters and surveillance cameras, the one of the dealers foot soldiers standing at this street corner, my own glance through the camera, the one of the viewer of this work and the wider question of the construction of the photographed subject.

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