Sand Mirrors not mind, not sand, not water Richard B. Clarke and Stephen E. Strom
Sand Mirrors not mind, not sand, not water booktease preview.

Sand Mirrors

not mind, not sand, not water

Richard B. Clarke and Stephen E. Strom
Polytropos Press, Tucson, AZ, 2012. 104 pp., 50, 8x8".

Publisher's Description
Sand Mirrors is a marriage of poetry by Zen teacher Richard Clarke and photographs by Stephen Strom. The poems beckon the reader to explore the inner and outer richness of sand and ocean — richness beyond all imagination and dream. It speaks to fleeting and timeless patterns on Northern California and Oregon coasts, and through understated but powerful words, reminds us that all our life is now, and has nothing to do with transience or duration. The images in Sand Mirrors — which might be called metaphorical photographs — were taken on a variety of beaches located in the Pacific Northwest coasts during 2007-2011. These beaches are notable for their relative isolation, expanse, stark uplifted and eroded rocks, backdrop of richly foliated coastal cliffs, and a variety of sandy minerals. This compelling landscape was born in a cataclysmic collision of continental plates and vigorous vulcanism, and shaped over millennia by continuing tectonic activity, and the erosive power of the Pacific Ocean. Fresh water streams flow through many of these beaches, carrying silt and minerals seaward from the nearby coastal range. It is the merging of ocean sands and finely ground minerals at the interface of fresh water and ocean tides that creates patterns that evoke the seen and unseen rhythms of an ever-changing landscape, reshaped by wind, tide, and the pulse of the earth itself. Together, the poems and images aspire to invite viewers to 'quiet wonder at these few inches of sand that proclaim perfection' and to remind them in the words of Lao Tzu 'to the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.' The book website (www.sandmirrors.com) provides supplementary audio material, along with a link leading readers to a site where they can purchase an electronic version of the book, which includes audio recordings of Richard Clarke reading his poems.

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