feest.  Photographs by Ed van der Elsken.
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Photographs by Ed van der Elsken.
Nai010, 2020. 224 pp., black-and-white illustrations, 4½x7x¾".

Publisher's Description

Around 1960, Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990) put together a photobook on the theme of "feest" (feast). Drawing from both old and new work, he produced a design that is a sequence of festive occasions: fun, celebration, dancing, music, fairs, carnivals, excitement, and euphoria, but also drunkenness and exhaustion in the wee hours. He combined the individual photographs into sparkling and rhythmical pairings, so that a genuine sense of joy emanates from the pages. At the time, for reasons unknown, the design was left on the shelf.

Reviewed by InHae Yap on photo-eye Blog.

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