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One Summer Across America.
Photographs by Bobby Abrahamson. Afterword by Thomas W. Southall.
Atlanta, 2005. 136 pp., Numerous color illustrations, 5½x7¼".

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Publisher's Description
Reviews and Comments

'Nice work human color good size exotic & ordinary in America the photographs show that you had a good trip You must be a good person to be able to feel the liberty to do what you see with heart & camera it shows in all your photos I like your text - the honesty in your acceptance of a spirit in america so profound - so simple'


(from a letter to Abrahamson, which appears as an afteword in the book)


' ...a visual record of a changeable mood of loneliness and wonder captured during the photographer's three-month odyssey across the country via Greyhound in summer 2001.' ' ...full of unspoken affection for the human condition as expressed in the mixture of innocence and zealotry so typical of Americans.'

FELICIA FEASTER Creative Loafing - Atlanta


' ...what I get out of this book is a journey through the eyes of someone who isn’t jaded (not yet), isn't negative, and isn't trying to impose himself on the passing landscape in the manner of so many photo stylists. There is a richness of experience here.'



'Abrahamson captures the 21st century version of the America that Frank and Kerouac saw: happiness and despair, old men chatting in the barbershop, a young man slumped in exhaustion at the Greyhound station, a guy with piercings and a pet snake, a child face-painted with the Stars and Stripes. From gospel crusade to video games,  beauty parlor to boxing ring, Abrahamson took a warm-hearted look at it all - and took some memorable pictures along the way.'

Atlanta Journal Constitution


'...a wonderful project and quite affirming, and touched with the satisfying and piquant flavor of jaundice. You take a humane and generous attitude toward the people you photograph.'

Museum of Photographic Arts
San Diego, California


'The sequencing is terrific and the work has an intimacy and charm about it, as well as some dark edges.'

Curator of Photography
High Museum of
Atlanta, Georgia


'It looks very good. Congratulations on pulling it together, and on getting Frank to put his voice into it as well. It's a giant subject you've got (and a daunting legacy), and in some of the photographs you really do tackle it full force.'

Editor at Large
Aperture magazine


'Like Frank, and other restless observers of American culture, Abrahamson's 'search for America' is a search for himself as he recognizes it in the faces and places of his native world. It's often been said that all photographs are self-portraits, more mirrors back on the observer than revelations about the subjects observed. In that sense, a number of negative reviewers of Frank's 1950s book found Frank to be a sad and lonely man who could only find his own despair in the materialistic solitude of Eisenhower America. Abrahamson, in contrast, traveling much the same roads, and consciously frequenting much the same kind of public and private places as Frank, found a happier, literally more colorful America. He shows us an America characterized not by isolation, but embracing couples, partnership and belonging that Abrahamson searches for, but may not be finding for himself.'

THOMAS W. SOUTHALL (from the book's afterword) Curator of Photography Harn Museum of Art University of Florida, Gainesville

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