Raising Frogs for $$$.

Photographs by Jason Fulford.
The Ice Plant, Los Angeles, 2006. 96 pp., full color illustrations throughout, 9¼x11½".

Signed copies available to order! The final page of Jason Fulford's enigmatic and absorbing archive of images from the past several years is a collection of thumbnails featuring all 63 of the color photographs that comprise Raising Frogs for $$$. It's a contact sheet index, a place to store information about the images, leaving the rest of the volume mercifully free from interruption. Also, it's a great tool for re-evaluating the relationship of the images to one another. And juggling relationships and meaning is pretty much what one does while gleefully tearing back and forth through Fulford's hardcover edition of 2500 books. Like selling Amway or robbing banks, maximum enjoyment in Fulford's world is for self-starters. Those in need of a map dictating how the work should be experienced will be left to twist in the wind-perhaps reveling in the occasional saturated sky, banal suburban composition or quixotic exposure-scratching their heads nonetheless. Images are laid out in deliberate succession-there's even a contents page with suggestive chapter titles-but that succession and any of its implications are one possibility. Fulford and publisher, The Ice Plant, intend a new experience each time the spine is cracked. It's a brain-bending, tongue-wagging puzzle to figure out, but image entrepreneurs everywhere will just plain "get it." ZANE FISCHER

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