Tell Mum Everything Is Ok.
Issue 3 – “A Postmodern World.”

Numerous contributing photographers. Edited by Maxime Milanesi.
Editions FP&CF, 2010. 80 pp., Illustrated throughout, 5¾x7¾".

Publisher's Description
“Created from the start like a fanzine, with limited financial means and much gatherings of ends and odds, Tell mum everything is ok is a participative fanzine edited by the associativ publishing house, The Editions FP&CF. Each issue is based on a theme, and every photographers can participate to the editorial creation of the zine by sending his own contributions. It’s the opportunity to discover new authors and their works on a variety of different themes.”

Photographer/s: Various artists :
- Lin Zhipeng
- Doug Dubois
- Bryan Formhals
- Missy Prince
- Keith Davis Young
- Kirill Kuletski
- Alain Roux
- Amy Stein
- Franck Juery
- Shane Lavalette
- Jacob Wolf Miller
- Romain Bernardie James
- Vincent Bordet
- Yann Gross
- Peter Baker
- Peter Granser
- Nick White
- Leo Postma
- Vincent Aubert
- Tim Davis
- Matthew Genitempo
- Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek
- Jeremy R. Jansen
- Pedro Ramos
- Quentin Roux
- Julien Pebrel
- Yann Orhan
- Marlon Kowalski
- Charlotte Tanguy
- Bridget Collins
- Diana Kraus
- Agnes Thor
- Sabrina Bte Abdullah
- Ana Kraš
- Bob Myaing
- Jennilee Marigomen
- Michael McCraw
- Kyle Scully
- Landon Metz
- Allie Mount
- Alistair Dickinson
- Brent Boggs
- Daniel Augschoell
- Tagger Yancey IV
- Gregory Halpern
- Juan Chao
- Yosigo
- Ramon Haindl

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