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Welcome 2 My Room.
(Black & White Cover).

Photographs and text by Maki.
Média Immédiat, Marseille, In French, 2010. In France. 28 pp., 24 black & white illustrations, 4x3".

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Publisher's Description

This is the third part of the books trilogy "Welcome 2 my room". This book is different from the two other ones as the technique is not anymore made with polaroids like in the other books but black and white pictures made with film camera. The starting point of this series of photos was the discovery in 2006 of a website in the Philippines. A peep show with chat and webcam. Girls and boys working at home alone, or several people together in commons so called "studios". Omnipresence of precariusness... At that time they were more than 300, now it's twice...

Sometimes links are created and other times it's "just business". All those gazes, those stories intersecting, including mine... I started taking pictures of them with my polaroid camera on my computer screen. I use to shoot the people I meet, so why not do it by computer screen interposed...

Sometimes the exchanges and discussions are intense... Laying bare the feelings, the lives, the bodies... Sincerity encounters with cunning. Of course there's the money... They will do anything to make you pay... But sometimes on the spot of our conversations, emotion overwhelms... Tears of blood...

In the end thousands of snapshots taken in my bedroom during the highlights of our conversations and sometimes in private shows...Trying to give a face to sex... As always image rule as a unique weapon... We play with it, we come with it ...

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