Citizen. Portraits 1997-2012. Photographs by Ingvar Kenne.
Citizen. Portraits 1997-2012. booktease preview.


Portraits 1997-2012.

Photographs by Ingvar Kenne.
Au.thentic Press, 2012. 140 pp., 110 color illustrations, 8¼x11¾".

Publisher's Description
'In CITIZEN creates an intimate collective of portraits of fellow man - not through topic, social agenda, location, narrative or any other number of familiar artistic reasons to group a set of images.

Instead the technical aspects are all identical - same camera, film, lighting, format. But beyond that the gel between the images that makes it a collection, is the intent with which Kenne have walked into a portrait photographic session over the last 20 years - which he established with his previous monograph - Chasing Summer - Journal From a Global Motorcycle Journey.

By approaching it with those narrow parameters, stripping the visual language down, the viewers will have the opportunity to find their own topics, social agendas or narrative.

In CITIZEN you meet a Priest, Prostitute, Celebrity, His Wife, former Prime Minister, Child Sex Offender and more.

An anti celebrity approach of sort - where nothing is heightened because who you are.'

About the Limited Edition

With this Limited Edition of 150 I decided to make 4 images - representing a very tight edit of the cross section of the portraits you come across in the book. They are diverse in location age, gender and in what context I came across the people. You have Miss Wong from Simao City in the Yunnan Province i China. I met her doing AIDS awareness work with Australia AID. She found her own way of staying anonymous. Akira Isogawa is a japanese born fashion designer with annual collections in Paris and Australia. The third print is of Erica Stenberg. Once in Los Angeles on a beautiful winters day I walked along the shores of Santa Monica. There was a few people about. Only Erica and her friend was swimming in the ice cold water. It was the first time she had seen the ocean. They had been driving straight form Denver, Colorado. She had to swim the pacific.

The final image of the four is of 2 members of the Wamara Tribe of the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. They had traveled far to perform in the annual sing-sing competition in Mount Hagen. i never got thier names.

The 4 prints are wrapped in archival thin sheets and sealed and signed.They are then placed in a special archival linen box and the book CITIZEN - is placed on top.

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