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Fire Guys.

Photographs by Idan Hayosh & Corina Kuenzli.
Kodoji Press, 2012. 20 pp., 22 color illustrations, 8¼x10¾".

Publisher's Description
FIRE GUYS is based on a collection of images of firemen posing in front of various blazing fires. This compilation visualize the misleading and counterproductive moments in life of pyromaniacs. 'Fire is a Fire is a Fire…Ours is a blaze'

Hey everyone — I have a few questions to ask about pyrotechnic accidents. I’m still fairly new to this hobby. I have spent a lot of time reading books and pdf files on pyro projects. I have focused most of my reading on safety procedures. I was just about to stock up on supplies when I stumbled across a couple of posts on here that scared the pants off me. I hope I’m not opening any old wounds but I’m really curious to find out what happened so someone else or I don’t make the same mistake. The two posts I read were about Tad K and Jim Freman. The posts I read didn’t state the cause of either accident just speculation, I was wondering if they are still unknown. I’m very concerned. I don’t know if I want to pur­sue this hobby any further. I was thinking about going back to school to take up chemistry, but if a 6 time PGI grand master can have an accident anyone can. Again I’m sorry if I opened any old wounds, and my prayers go out to the families, but if anyone has details on what happened, please let me know. — Idan Hayosh

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