Zine Collection N°8.

Photographs by Wei Bi.
Editions Bessard, 2013. Unpaged, black & white illustrations throughout, 6¼x8".

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Publisher's Description
This group of composition was photographed from 2008 to 2010. Then, I was in Dalian, which located in Northeastern China, 2000 kilometers away from my hometown. Commuting between Hunan and Dalian, I finished this group of works. Mengxi, which means dreaming of streams, is the name of my hometown. In my view, in the photographs, there is the belief that a farmer's descendent holds for earth, the nostalgia for the hometown because of my depression and failure in the cities and the desperate emotions when facing sadness and sorrow. The interposition of calligraphy is a natural course just like the growth of a seed. I intended to narrate my childhood, I intended to rede how I ran on this land, from this bay to that hillock. At the moment, I am settled in Shijiatai of Mengxi. My sleeping quality is tremendously good in the singing of birds and worms, after a day's hard work, as Changjiang said, 'Back to the place where you'll be buried.' Can you imagine that? What a comfort it is!

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