M. Ganges.  Photographs by Yoshihiko Ueda.
M. Ganges.  booktease preview.

M. Ganges.

Photographs by Yoshihiko Ueda.
AKAAKA, 2014. 100 pp., illustrated throughout, 10x11".

Publisher's Description
We are pleased to announce the launch of Yoshihiko Ueda's 'M. Ganges'. Ueda started his M series since 2011. Materia is the first one of the series, M. River for the second, M. Sea for the third, and M. Ganges is the latest work of the series. 'M', the capital of Materia, means the nature of things. Ueda tries to find it with his skill on photography. For M. Ganges, he visited Ganges River, India, to see the primitive memory the river has.

'Occasionally I began to sense myself not gazing at somebody in the photo, but seeing myself in the photo I'd taken. In my line of sight: my memories, or rather, in fact, memories from a distant past that for some reason did not seem to be my own. Spying an old dog I discern the sorrowful scent of death, and at the same time, that dog could almost be me; sometimes it feels like the landscape that looks dim and hazy as she totters along is no longer hers, that she may be seeing far distant memories. Perhaps one can see distant memories by sniffing the stench of death; the hazy light and shadow, color and form being all that remain, an unfathomable feeling of nostalgia suffuses my heart with stunning intensity, a sudden fit of weeping assailing me. Lamentation and delight and uncertain memories become light and color without contour, embracing me. The memories of dogs, of birds, of trees, of rivers, of mountains: my chest tightens with a wistful pang at the memories of each and every thing in this world. Photographs are memories of gazes, of faraway places, of people and times that have passed.' --Yoshihiko Ueda

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