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Photographs by Roc Herms.
Self-Published, Barcelona, 2015. In English and Spanish. 96 pp., 13½x9¾".

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Publisher's Description

In recent years Valencia has been posting the so-called Campus Party. In this type of social-cultural gatherings, thousands of young adults—software developers, lovers of digital works and robots, hackers and defenders of free software, gamers and simulation fanatics, ciber-apostles and modding artists—come together to exchange archives and share their experiences, living for a week connected to each other.

For these super-users, digital natives that make computer technology a way of life and who are often classified as the new urban tribe of the geeks, computers are much more than just a device for work, they are an extension of their identity and the digital ecosystem where they decide to live.

< YO >< YO >< YO > Sets out a journey from the plug into the computer, with the intention of portraying this kind of super-user along the way.

In 1978 Gary Thurek and his assistant Carl Gartley sent the first mass email with advertising purposes, reaching 393 users at the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (called the ARPANET), unaware that they just sent the first example of what would later be know as SPAM. That same year, more than 9000 kilometers, Roc Herms was born in Spain.

From the project conducted in 2007 where he presented China as ”a sleeping giant that will shake the world” through the documentation of one of the most massive raves as Barcelona’s “Antisonar”, the photographer shows reiterated interest on minority collective identities. 

Internet and virtual worlds are presented as a golden opportunity to combine his interest in this type of subcultures, showing his passion for technology and the need to take a step further in the photographic practice. “Postcards From Home” and “”, his two long term projects, put some light on the lives we spend in front and inside the computer.

His work has been exhibited at “From Here On” and “Photography 2.0”, curated by Joan Fontcuberta.

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