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The Voyeur's Gambit.

Photographs and design by Christian Michael Filardo. Music and design by Angelo Harmsworth.
Lime Lodge, Santa Fe, USA, 2017. Unpaged, Set of 30 ring-bound color prints and a USB drive.

Publisher's Description

Selected as Book of the Week by Forrest Soper

The Voyeur's Gambit is a collaborative project that combines Christian Michael Filardo's photographs with music by Angelo Harmsworth.

Contained in a padded black envelope closed with a brass brad, Filardo's photographs are presented as ring-bound, 4x6-inch Walgreen's prints. An engraved USB drive attached with a large keyring holds recorded music composed by Angelo Harmsworth.

The Voyeur’s Gambit is a project birthed out of the idea that a sequence of photographs can exist as a loop or in a nonlinear fashion. Due to the unique, single-ring binding of this book there is no definitive beginning and end to this title. Moments are experienced in an isolated situation, one at a time; however the 4x6 prints can be removed from the binder ring and placed in any order the viewer or user desires, giving into the idea that a photograph's life can be changed by how a viewer interacts with it. Essentially, The Voyeur’s Gambit is a book made up of choices. The musical compositions that accompany the book exist within this same format. Much like in chess you can play into a gambit or you can choose not to. Not dissimilar to the photographer, the chess master moves within a timeframe and makes decisions based on a series of movements that lead them either to victory or defeat.

Limited Edition of 50 copies, SIGNED by Filardo and Harmsworth (exclusive to photo-eye)

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