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Photographs by Eirik Johnson. Commissioned Tracks by Johnson and Dede, Elia, NEWAXEYES, SassyBlack, Tenderfoot, and Whiting Tennis.
Minor Matters, Seattle, USA, 2018. In English. 80 pp., 40 color photographs, 12¼x12¼".

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Publisher's Description

The cultural and political climate of the US is at a high point of polarization, when simultaneously there have never been more tools of instantaneous global communication. We’ve never been more connected, and we’ve never been further apart. And so, as social creatures, many people seek community, and a sense of belonging, not only found in companionship and collaboration with others, but in solitary time, and in nature, tuning into ourselves.

Therein lie the origins of Pine. Coming upon a rough tree carving (the words “make out tree, with an arrow guiding the viewer in the correct direction), Johnson made a snapshot, but the moment and the marker stayed with him, and he returned with his 4x5 camera to take it in again, slowly. Over the last few years he has scouted trees of all environs, looking for human traces upon them, and musing on the (often) adolescent emotions and explorations that lead to poignant sentiments recorded within a living surface. 

Johnson envisioned and realized a sonic set of reflections to accompany his photographs, revisiting his own history as a musician and bringing in a varied group of collaborators who responded to the photographs with their compositions and recordings.

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