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Heaven, Wind, Stars and Poems.

Photographs by Barbara Bosworth. Poetry by Dong-ju Yun. Translation by Jeongin Kim and Zeoy Hayeon Lee.
Datz Press, Seoul, South Korea, 2017. 64 pp., 13x17¼".

Publisher's Description

Edition of 300 copies.

The night is clear. The Milky Way bright. A slight breeze reminds me I am moving through the universe. 

Every clear night of the summer my father would go out for a walk to look at the night sky. Many nights I would join him. We knew the North Star, and the Big Bear, but the rest became our own. At times we stood still for an hour or more to watch for shooting stars. We had no agenda. It was all about amazement at a sky full of stars.

When I was a child I wanted to be an astronaut. I thought nothing could be better than getting as close as I could to the stars.

Often I gather with friends to watch the November meteor shower. Some years they say it may be a storm, possibly hundreds of falling stars each hour through the night. Lying on the ground, looking skyward, we ooh and aah.

With this sense of wonder and astonishment, I began making photographs.

All the images included here were made with my 8x10 film camera.

All the sunspot images were made by attaching my 8x10 camera to the eyepiece of a telescope.

--Barbara Bosworth

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