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Myself, Friends, Lovers and Others.

Photographs by Arnis Balcus.
dienacht Publishing, 2020. 160 pp., 109 color illustrations, 6x7¾".

Publisher's Description

This book is a kind of portrait of the whole generation, probably the last one before social networks and over-conscious self-representation when people were much less aware of how they should look in pictures. It's intimate and revealing, but not grotesque.

Myself, Friends, Lovers and Others is a photographic series by Latvian photographer Arnis Balcus. Most images were taken between 2000 and 2004, shot on Olympus Mju II film camera.

Being one of the first projects of its kind in Eastern Europe, it paints an intimate portrait of the first post-soviet generation and their everyday life around the Millennium. 'I guess it's just a coincidence that the project ended when Latvia joined the EU in 2004. In that year I moved to London to study and suddenly my life changed - I broke up with my girlfriend, disconnected from people in Latvia and started to do a bit of different photography. While working on the edit of the book I have browsed through tons of images. There is a strange feeling about time and connection. It's like finding your old diary when some words trigger memories, but some make you think it's about someone else. It feels vintage but at the same time relevant and courageous. I feel this work is worth being rediscovered and preserved.'

Why publish a book after all these years?

'Well, somehow it still feels exciting and bizzare,' says the photographer. 'It's simple, mundane, private, a mixture of real and imaginary world that I was living in, but now, fifteen years later, I am looking at these images and I feel it has become something bigger than just a personal diary. It's kind of a portrait of the whole generation, probably the last one before social networks and over-conscious self-representation, when people were much less aware on how they should look on pictures. It's intimate and revealing but not grotesque. It's also sexy, but without abusive objectification.'

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