Dryads and Fauns. L'Impériale Collection #1. Photographs by Cássio Vasconcellos.
Dryads and Fauns. L

Dryads and Fauns.

L'Impériale Collection #1.

Photographs by Cássio Vasconcellos.
Éditions Bessard, 2020. Unpaged,

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Limited Edition of 250, with a small, SIGNED C-Print.

A Plunge in the Heart of the Forest
My fado cries, but it moves mountains.

                                     — Capicúa

The work of Cássio Vasconcellos is a love poem for nature; it is a statement in which the clash with reality yields an impression of great romanticism and purity that is about to emerge, alongside a crazy truth, in which everything is revealed in the world’s future.

In an era of catastrophes, in which the feeling that the world is on the edge of a precipice is widespread, Vasconcellos cuts through the vertigo of times daring to create a work for eternity, a task that seems to belong to the domain of the stars. Photography has the power to take us—albeit in light of an impassable distance—to the indeterminate realm of fascination, where there are no logical measures of space and time.

In Dryads and Fauns (2019-2020), the photographer draws us to a place of dreams and fantasy, making us question the existence of a lost paradise, a planet in perfect harmony. The forest as part of nature represents, to some extent, the call for human beings to return to collective values and to distance themselves from the machine of consumer society, allowing for a moment of reflection upon the self and our place in the world. It also incorporates the greatness of nature and the cosmos, as a means of searching for answers to the questions about the fragility of men.

The journey goes through a dreamlike world full of allusions to the universe of painting, in which mythological creatures discreetly break the secrecy and allow glimpses into another world—through the appearance of dryads and fauns—like mirages, punctuating the work in a narrative of seduction and conveying the constancy and spirit of the project. In this universe, the emotional rules over the rational, and an infinite network of memories stimulates the senses. This poetic reflection seeks to transform the real, sometimes as a shadow, a fleeting escape from a world that has lost its weight and acquired the lightness of melancholy.

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