Gone South. A Collection of Images from the American South. Photographs by Jerry Atnip.
Gone South. A Collection of Images from the American South. booktease preview.

Gone South.

A Collection of Images from the American South.

Photographs by Jerry Atnip.
CIA Publishing, 2011. 80 pp., 39 color illustrations, 5½x7½".

Publisher's Description
CIA Publishing announces the release of Gone South: A Collection of Images from the American South by photographer, Jerry Atnip. The volume chronicles the photographer’s journey through the land he knows best. He was born in San Antonio and is now based in Nashville. He has spent the last few years traveling throughout the South, exploring the backroads and highways searching for the nuances that shape this unique part of the country.

“Many photographers feel that they need to travel to faraway or exotic places to capture great images. I also travel the world on assignments, but enjoy recording the land I was raised in,” Atnip said. “I find I’m never at a lack for interesting subject matter throughout the South.” The thirty-nine images in Gone South are a part of a much larger body of work which includes scenes from Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky and Texas. The sequencing of the images in the book takes the viewer through a journey allowing one to feel as if they are sitting on a porch swing listening to the tales of a traveling peddler.

Atnip describes the South in the introduction to the book as “A transitory area where the past and the present exist in a familiar tandem.” He goes on to explain, “This selection of images is a collection of fleeting moments in this place. The moments between waking and sleep, moonlight and day, fogged and clear, where the exploration of transformations can reveal truth.” The images walk that thin line of “between.” Many of them make you feel there is something else going on just outside the frame; that there is something else that he has chosen not to reveal. But, each one betrays his inclination to create images that are quiet. They don’t shout their message. They just sit back and give you the time to draw your own conclusions.

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