Ghost Guessed.  Text by Tom Griggs and Paul Kwiatkowski.

Ghost Guessed.

Text by Tom Griggs and Paul Kwiatkowski.
Mesæstándar, 2018. In English, Spanish (translati. 156 pp..

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On November 13, 2009, Andrew Lindberg, a young pilot, departed from the Twin Cities to meet his father for a hunting trip in northern Minnesota. He never arrived; a few days later, Lindberg's plane was located deep within the wilderness of the White Earth Indian Reservation. In Ghost Guessed Tom Griggs and Paul Kwiatkowski examine how absences caused by death make memories, no matter how abstract, more salient and complex. A combination of intimate prose and photographs brings into focus our human connections as filtered through technology and visual media. From Lindberg's accident to the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Ghost Guessed reflects on how we process loss as it plays out in the ongoing digitalization of our lives.

Somehow both pointed and elliptical, mysterious and poignant, Ghost Guessed is a book of paradoxes and fragments, an attempt to chart the blurry border between the known and the unknowable. But I'm sure of this much: Kwiatkowski and Griggs have produced a highly original, arresting, and lasting work of art.

-Justin Taylor, author of Flings

How do we connect the fragmentary stories and images of our lives into a fixed sequence? Tom Griggs and Paul Kwiatkowski's kaleidoscopic visual memoir suggests the answer might be as fleeting and lyrical as watching a bird in flight.

- Alec Soth, Songbook and Sleeping by the Mississippi

Ghost Guessed is a deeply melancholic and beautiful witness to the strange synchronicities that permeate our lives. Channeling W.G. Sebald, the authors array a palimpsest of personal and cultural history with a story of loss and discovery, and a haunting arrangement of photographs that feel both timeless and firmly rooted to their particular moments. This is a book to be read not as memoir, fictional pastiche, or photo-narrative, but as a new kind of literature.

- Peter Bebergal, author of Strange Frequencies

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