I AM A MAN. Photographs of the Civil Rights Movement, 1960-1970. Text by R. William Ferris. Foreword by G. Lonnie III Bunch.
I AM A MAN. Photographs of the Civil Rights Movement, 1960-1970. booktease preview.


Photographs of the Civil Rights Movement, 1960-1970.

Text by R. William Ferris. Foreword by G. Lonnie III Bunch.
University Press of Mississippi, Jackson, 2021. 145 pp., 11x9x¾".

Publisher's Description

The photographs in I AM A MAN bring to life the strife and strength that breathed through the civil rights movement. These striking images are teeming with life and motion and place the reader inside these vital moments in American history. William R. Ferris’s text provides a path for the reader through each period of the movement and is packed with insightful commentary. Not only is this book beautiful, it may be one of the most important collections on the civil rights movement. (Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation and fellow of the Institute for Urban Design)

These amazing, powerful, and poignant images remind us of not just the powerful moments like the Ernest Withers shots of Martin Luther King Jr. or the way Spider Martin captured the bravery and the carnage of ‘Bloody Sunday’ in Selma, Alabama, but also the less remembered, smaller acts of bravery and resistance like my dad quietly confronting segregation or the image of the dignified African American woman in the ‘paddy-wagon’ in Birmingham by Bob Adelman. This collection helps us realize how significant actions and more modest, often unacknowledged victories helped to transform a nation. (From the foreword by Lonnie G. Bunch III, secretary of the Smithsonian Institution)

The pictures themselves are striking and even though many photographs pertaining to the civil rights movement have been published over the last fifty-sixty years, I don’t believe I have seen most, if any, of the ones published in this book before. They offer a different perspective to that time period that will not be lost among the many books and exhibits that have come out recently. William Ferris’s book will garner attention from a wide public, photography enthusiasts, and civil rights advocates. (David Cheramie, founding member of Les Amis de l'Immersion and Action Cadienne and author of the book of poetry Julie Choufleur ou les preuves d’amour)

William Ferris’s collection of civil rights photographs and short essays presents an overview of landmark moments in the civil rights struggle. The straightforward presentation of information in chronological fashion makes this book a good resource for undergraduate history courses as well as for the general, nonacademic reader. (Annette Joseph-Gabriel, assistant professor of French and Francophone studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and author of Reimagining Liberation: How Black Women Transformed Citizenship in the French Empire)

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