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Photographs by John Gossage.
Rochester Art Center, 2010. 80 pp., Illustrated throughout, 22½x12½".

Publisher's Description

"In the second space, the viewer is confronted with a series of large, unframed works that appear to be expressly distorted. Upon developing particular rolls of film used in Rochester, Gossage discovered that a technical problem created compelling transformations of several images. A “light leak” developed in the bellows of one of his cameras, which allowed light to enter into the camera and to partially expose the film within. The consequence of this exposure is ghostly illuminated areas that obscure portions of the images. Metaphorically, the area of cloudy, unknown content points to the unseen or unrecognized within our own environment. The lack of true awareness of one’s immediate surroundings can occur as a visitor to a new place, confronted with the unexpected, or as a resident who has habituated to certain visual information. In the subsequent spaces, more formal and characteristic work begins. The homes, yards, and street scenes presented within Gossage’s photographs are commonplace enough that most would have passed by the same location without pausing for a moment of contemplation. As in his previous projects, Gossage makes known the disregarded and seemingly insignificant elements of our environment. Beyond the compelling formal qualities of these photographs, there is an emotional and human component to these images, though in most no individual is visibly present. In his photographs, Gossage reveals somewhat ambiguous and indeterminable information about place, to allow the viewer to ultimately decide upon the significance. The subtlety of this approach is in stark contrast to other images of Rochester, such as in the postcards, which are meant to overtly declare the importance of whatever is presented."-from the exhibition at Rochester Art Center

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