Subscription Series #4.  Photographs by Christian Patterson, Alessandra Sanguinetti , Raymond Meeks & Wolfgang Tillmans.
Subscription Series #4.  booktease preview.

Subscription Series #4.

Photographs by Christian Patterson, Alessandra Sanguinetti , Raymond Meeks & Wolfgang Tillmans.
TBW books, 2013. Unpaged, four books, illustrated throughout, 9x11".

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Publisher's Description
TBW books is pleased to announce Subscription Series #4 . Artist chosen this year to participate include Christian Patterson, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Raymond Meeks and Wolfgang Tillmans. All four artist in this years series are highly acclaimed and recognized for their artistic visions they offer the art world.

Each participating artist has created a unique and thoughtful book exclusively for TBW Books.

This year the books have increased in size and structure from previous years. The new format is 9x11 in. and are encased in a hardcover with heavyweight french folded dust jacket. The books new design, both challenge conventional coffee table formats while still maintaining a unique look and feel that TBW has become known for. Each title contains a unique edition number stamped into every book.


Christian Patterson, Bottom of the Lake
With Bottom of the Lake, Christian Patterson revisits his hometown of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin (French for 'Bottom of the Lake') and weaves together visual threads related to the town's iconography, climate and culture.


Alessandra Sanguinetti, Sorry, Welcome
Sorry, Welcome is a glimpse into the artists life the way it looked throughout the winter of 2012/13. Sanguinetti shot over a short period of time in which she took a step back and became a voyeur of her own life. The images were made in and around her home in San Francisco Ca. and explores dynamics between the union of two unique families.


Raymond Meeks, Erasure
Erasure signals a transition from photographic narratives centered on collaboration with Meeks' immediate family toward an outward gaze; making order of the unfamiliar surroundings of his new home in Providence R.I. Using printing techniques of both over exposing and laying a 'base fog' to the image surface, Meeks is literally masking what he deems 'the painful and ugly' in his view of the world. This method of darkroom-photoshop creates a truly unsettling yet beautifully unique book.


Wolfgang Tillmans, Utoquai
Tillmans closes out the subscription with his book Utoquai that is both classically his own while still pushing the language of photography forward, something that has become synonymous with his name. With Utoquai, Tillmans focuses on a single subject and openly presents his ongoing friendship and unrequited love in a way that is compelling, adventurous and vulnerable in equal measures.

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