Fish-Man.  Photographs by Masaru Tatsuki.
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Photographs by Masaru Tatsuki.
T&M projects, Tokyo, Japan, 2015. In English and Japanese. 144 pp., color illustrations, 8¼x11¾".

Publisher's Description

'I first became interested in people who live by the sea while I was working on a photography project in northeast Japan a few years back. At the time I was visiting a small village located on a mountain ridge that straddles the ocean. Wandering down a footpath, I discovered a small wooden boat that had been abandoned and since rotted through. From its deteriorated frame grew a tree lush with green leaves.

The mountains and the ocean are intertwined, and its inhabitants - humans, nature, land animals, and sea animals - all related.

This experience led me to Okuki, another small village in northeast Japan. The houses of the village are aligned neatly on the mountain’s gently sloping ridge, extending towards the ocean. Every house has a view of the ocean and the air carries its pleasant scent. The ocean’s commanding presence fills my body completely. The village fishermen leave port before dawn and are hard at work by the time the sunrises and warms their backs. Signaling the beginning of the day, the sunrise is visible from any place in the village. The fishermen do not pride themselves in the biggest, wildest catch of the day, rather every time they return to port safely. They always do so with a proud smile. Any fish they do not sell they eat with their families and share with their neighbors. When the fishermen are not at work in the ocean, they work on small plots of farmland. Each family in the village tends their own crops, planting and storing according to the changing seasons. They cut down trees from nearby woods to fuel their fires, cook freshly caught fish, and warm their homes in the winter.' -Masaru Tatsuki, afterword Fish-Man

Publication includes one hardcover book and one softcover book.

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