123 Polaroids.  Photographs by Lin Zhipeng (aka No. 223).
123 Polaroids.  booktease preview.

123 Polaroids.

Photographs by Lin Zhipeng (aka No. 223).
Super Labo, 2021. 120 pp., 123 color illustrations, 5x7¾".

Publisher's Description

123 Polaroids is a collection of 123 images selected from a rich and outstanding group of Polaroid photographs by photographer No. 223, Lin ZhipengHe began shooting Polaroids in his hometown of Guangzhou in the early 2000s. He is deeply imbued with his intimate memories of his close friends, cheap Polaroid films, trips to various parts of China, Tibet, Southeast Asia, Japan and Europe. Here you'll find his love, fashionable nudity, sensational and eye-catching portraits, colorful landscapes and people, a body hugging play with a sad expression, eroticism, a sense of lack and immeasurable stuff. However, it is finished by the wonderful imperfections and the talent of the photographer peculiar to this medium.

No. 223 once told me that it was extremely difficult to name or select one, two or three of his photos as the best shots. Because each tells about one memory, an intimate moment in his life. I will add to those remarks. Images are not the only thing that brings the beauty of a single photo. The composition, color, reflectivity, perfection or simplicity are intertwined with the sensations evoked by the memories and images of reality. With that in mind, 123 Polaroids tells us that the implications and abundance of a poet give a unique way of 'voice' to his intimate commemorative photographs and evoked sensations. I can say.

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