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Spaces in Between.
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico. Edited by Filippo Maggia.
Skira, 2022.   Cat# DU311    ISBN-13: 978-8857246840
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico. Edited by Filippo Maggia and Giovanna Calvenzi.
Skira, 2020.   Cat# DT963    ISBN-13: 978-8857243153

Metropolitan Life (Logos).
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico. Contribution by Giovanna Calvenzi.
Contrasto, 2019.   Cat# C1006    ISBN-13: 978-8869655012
Gabriele Basilico. Entropy and Urban Space.
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico.
La Fábrica, 2018.   Cat# DT191    ISBN-13: 978-8417048068
Beirut Mission. Photos 2009-2011.
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico, Fouad Elkoury, Robert Polidori, Klavdij Sluban.
Steidl, Göttingen, 2014.   Cat# DS383    ISBN-13: 978-3869306995

Unidentified Modern City.
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico & Dan Graham. Edited by Maurizio Bortolotti, Lionel Bovier, Massimo Minini. Text by Dan Graham.
JRP|Ringier, 2011.   Cat# DQ827    ISBN-13: 978-3037642184

Silicon Valley.
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico. Essay by Sandra Phillips. Edited by Filippo Maggia.
Skira, Milan, 2008.   Cat# RZ246    ISBN-13: 978-8861303003

Work Book: 1969-2006.
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico.
Dewi Lewis Publishing, Stockport, 2007.   Cat# ZD033    ISBN-10: 1904587356

Disco to Disco.
Conversation with Giovanna Calvenzi, Massimo Vitali, Gabriele Basilico, Alberto Bianda.
Charta, Milano, 2007.   Cat# DP968    ISBN-13: 978-8881586615

Gabriele Basilico.
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico. Text by Francesco Bonami.
Phaidon, London, 2005.   Cat# PI159    ISBN-10: 0714845671

Compostela Series: Gabriele Basilico
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico.
CGAC, Galicia, 2004.   Cat# ID748    ISBN-10: 8445337475

55: Gabriele Basilico.
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico
Phaidon, Harrisburg, 2001.   Cat# PI068    ISBN-10: 0714840785

Gabriele Basilico.
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico.
Charta, 2000.   Cat# PK618    ISBN-10: 8881582899

Italy: Cross Sections of a Country.
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico. Text by Stefano Boeri.
Scalo, Zurich, 1999.   Cat# PK541    ISBN-10: 3931141586

The Interrupted City.
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico.
Actar, Barcelona, 1999.   Cat# PK528    ISBN-10: 3931141586

Nelle Altre Citta.
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico.
Art&, Tavagnacco, 1997.   Cat# ID369    ISBN-10: 8886550413

L'esperienza Dei Luoghi.
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico.
Art&, Tavagnacco, 1995.   Cat# ID243    ISBN-10: 8886550049

Photographs by Gabriele Basilico.
Art&/La Chambre Claire, Tavagnacco, 1994.   Cat# ID377   

Beirut City Centre.
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico, Raymond Depardon, Fouad Elkoury, Rene Burri, Josef Koudelka, and Robert Frank.
Editions Du Cypres, Paris, 1992.   Cat# ZA612    ISBN-10: 2909819027

Cliches 28.
Edited by Alain D'Hooghe. Photographs by Gabriele Basilico, Corinne Bukac, Bruce Gilden, and Rutger Ten Broeke.
Les Editions de Stratège, Brussels, 1986.   Cat# CX006    ISBN-10: 0000000000

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