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The People.
Photographs by Hunter Barnes.
Reel Art Press, 2020.   Cat# DT919    ISBN-13: 978-1909526754
Hunter Barnes. Spirit of the Southern Speedways.
Photographs by Hunter Barnes.
Reel Art Press, 2019.   Cat# DT599    ISBN-13: 978-1909526648
Cameraless Photography (V&a Photography Library).
Text by Martin Barnes.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2019.   Cat# TH088    ISBN-13: 978-0500480366
Hunter Barnes. Off the Strip.
Photographs by Hunter Barnes.
Reel Art Press, 2018.   Cat# DT356    ISBN-13: 978-1909526594
Hunter Barnes. Tickets.
Photographs by Hunter Barnes.
Reel Art Press, 2017.   Cat# DS974    ISBN-13: 978-1909526471
A Matter of Memory. Photography as Object in the Digital Age.
Text by Lisa Hostetler, William Green, and Bruce Barnes.
George Eastman Museum, Rochester, 2016.   Cat# DS776    ISBN-13: 978-0935398182
Animal Kingdom. Stereoscopic Images Of Natural History.
Photographs by Jim Naughten. Text by Martin Barnes, Ray Barnet, and Denis Pellerin.
Prestel and Hoop Editions., New York, 2016.   Cat# PX254    ISBN-13: 978-3791382470
On A Good Day.
Photographs by Al Vandenberg. Text by Martin Barnes.
STANLEY / BARKER, London, 2016.   Cat# ZG795    ISBN-13: 978-0956992277
Photographs by Hunter Barnes. Afterword by Michael Shulman. Foreword by Nathaniel Kilcer.
Reel Art Press, London, 2015.   Cat# ZG547    ISBN-13: 978-1909526273
Day for Night.
Photographs by Richard Learoyd. Text by Martin Barnes and Nancy Gryspeerdt.
Aperture/Pier 24 photography, San Fransisco, 2015.   Cat# DS551    ISBN-13: 978-1597113298
The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits.
Photographs by Hellen van Meene. Text by Joost Zwagerman. Introduction by Martin Barnes.
Aperture, New York, 2015.   Cat# DS410    ISBN-13: 978-1597113175
Aint-Bad Magazine No. 6. Infinite Progress.
Edited by Paul Kingsnorth and Frank Young. Photographs by Richard Barnes, Céline Clanet, Cody Cobb and Thomas Gardiner.
Aint-Bad Magazine, 2013.   Cat# ZF608   

A Testimony of Serpent Handling.
Photographs by Hunter Barnes.
Reel Art Press, 2012.   Cat# ZF138    ISBN-13: 978-0956648747

Shadow Catchers. Camera-less Photography.
By Martin Barnes.
Merrell, London, 2012.   Cat# MR047    ISBN-13: 978-1858945927

The English Cathedral.
Photographs by Peter Marlow. Texts by Martin Barnes and John Goodall.
Merrell, London, 2012.   Cat# MR048    ISBN-13: 978-1858945903

Photographs by Susan Derges. Edited by Martin Barnes.
Steidl, 2010.   Cat# ZE119    ISBN-13: 978-3869301501

Shadow Catchers. Camera-less Photography
Edited by Martin Barnes.
Merrell, London, 2010.   Cat# MR044    ISBN-13: 978-1858945385

Animal Logic.
Photographs by Richard Barnes. Essays by Jonathan Rosen and Susan Yelavich.
Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 2009.   Cat# PP043    ISBN-13: 978-1568988610

A Year of Mornings. 3191 Miles Apart.
Photographs by Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes.
Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 2008.   Cat# PP037    ISBN-13: 978-1568987842

A Record of England. Sir Benjamin Stone and The National Photographic Record Association, 1897–1910.
Edited by Elizabeth Edwards and Peter James. Introduction by Martin Barnes.
Dewi Lewis, Stockport, 2007.   Cat# ZD276    ISBN-10: 1904587372

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