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The Devil is leaving his Cave.
Photographs by Wendy Ewald.
MACK, London, 2022.   Cat# ZJ961    ISBN-13: 978-1913620554
Portraits and Dreams.
Photographs by Wendy Ewald. Design by Katy Homans.
Mack, 2020.   Cat# ZJ376    ISBN-13: 978-1912339891
This Place.
Photographs by Frédéric Brenner, Wendy Ewald, Martin Kollar, Josef Koudelka, Jungjin Lee, Stephen Shore, Rosalind Fox Solomon, Thomas Struth, Jeff Wall and Nick Waplington. Edited by Matt Brogan.
Hatje Cantz, 2019.   Cat# DT656    ISBN-13: 978-3775746168
This is Where I Live.
Text by Wendy Ewald. Photographs by Wendy Ewald and others.
Mack, 2015.   Cat# ZG249    ISBN-13: 978-1910164099

The Transformation of This World Depends Upon You.
By Wendy Ewald, Thomas Keenan, Martha Saxton, Fazal Sheikh. Photographs by Wendy Ewald, Fazal Sheikh.
Steidl, 2014.   Cat# DS381    ISBN-13: 978-3869307411
In Peace and Harmony. Carver Portraits.
Photographs by Wendy Ewald. Essays by Ashley Kistler and Edwin Slipek Jr.
Visual Arts Center of Richmond, Richmond, 2006.   Cat# DP437    ISBN-10: 0615128793

Towards a Promised Land.
Photographs by Wendy Ewald. Edited by Louise Neri.
Steidl / Artangel, Gottingen, 2006.   Cat# DP556    ISBN-10: 3865212875

Wendy Ewald. American Alphabets
Photographs by Wendy Ewald.
Scalo, Zurich, 2004.   Cat# PK963    ISBN-10: 3908247810

The Best Part of Me. Children Talk About Their Bodies in Pictures and Words.
Photographs by Wendy Ewald.
Little, Brown & Company, Boston, 2002.   Cat# LB083    ISBN-10: 0316703060

I Wanna Take Me a Picture. Teaching Photography and Writing to Children.
Text by Wendy Ewald and Alexandra Lightfoot.
Center for Documentary Studies., Durham, 2001.   Cat# ZB919    ISBN-10: 0807031402

Secret Games. Collaborative Works with Children 1969-1999.
Text by Adam Weinberg and Wendy Ewald. Photographs by Wendy Ewald and others.
Scalo, Zurich, 2000.   Cat# PK585    ISBN-10: 3908247284

Secret Games - Limited Edition. Collaborative Works with Children 1969-1999.
Text by Adam Weinberg and Wendy Ewald. Photographs by Wendy Ewald and others.
Scalo, Zurich, 2000.   Cat# PK585   

Photoworks in Progress: Constructing Identity.
Photographs by Rineke, Wendy Ewald, and Paul Seawright.
Nederlands Foto Instituut, Rotterdam, 1999.   Cat# ZD074    ISBN-13: 978-9076085072

Photowork(s) in Progress/Constructing Identity.
Photographs by Rineke Dijkstra, Wendy Ewald, and Paul Seawright. Text by Gosewijn van Beek, deirder McClosky, and Anil Ramdas.
Nederlands Foto Instituut, Amsterdam, 1998.   Cat# PK448    ISBN-10: 9076085021

I Dreamed I Had a Girl in My Pocket.
Photographs and text by Wendy Ewald and the children of Vichya, India.
Doubletake, New York, 1996.   Cat# NT055    ISBN-10: 0393039358

Luna Cornea #9, 1996.
Photographs by Sally Mann, Graciela Iturbide, Wendy Ewald, and Robert Yeager.
Cons Nac pa la Cultura y Las Artes, Mexico City, 1996.   Cat# ZB075   

Portraits and Dreams. Photographs by Mexican Children.
Edited and essay by Wendy Ewald. Essay by Arthur Ollman.
Polaroid Corporation, Cambridge, 1993.   Cat# FP035   

Magic Eyes. Scenes from an Andean Childhood.
Photographs by Wendy Ewald and the Children of Raquira, Columbia. Text by Wendy Ewald.
Bay Press, Seattle, 1992.   Cat# IN044    ISBN-10: 0941920216

Aperture 119. Cultures in Transition.
Including photographs by Marc Garanger, Roger Meintjies, Paul Weinberg, Phyllis Galembo, and Wendy Ewald.
Aperture, New York, 1990.   Cat# AP223    ISBN-10: 0893814466

Portraits and Dreams. Photographs and Stories by Children of the Appalachians.
Edited by Wendy Ewald. Introduction by Robert Coles. Afterword by Ben Lifson.
Writers and Readers, New York, 1985.   Cat# WR004    ISBN-10: 0863160875

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