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The Art of Whisky.
Photographs by Ernie Button.
Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 2022.   Cat# CI272    ISBN-13: 978-1797213828
The Sea.
Text by Barbara Bosworth.
Radius Books, 2021.   Cat# DU229    ISBN-13: 978-1942185918
Photographs by Meghann Riepenhoff.
Radius Books, Santa Fe, 2021.   Cat# DU235    ISBN-13: 978-1942185864
Photographs by Alice Mann.
GOST Books, London, 2021.   Cat# ZJ829   
Photographs by Scott B. Davis.
Radius Books, Santa Fe, 2021.   Cat# DU239    ISBN-13: 978-1942185840
Since 1839. Eleven Essays on Photography (RIC BOOKS (Ryerson Image Centre Books)).
Text by Clement Cheroux. Translator by Shane B. Lillis.
The MIT Press, 2021.   Cat# IG102    ISBN-13: 978-0262045773
Sin Salida.
Photographs by Tariq Zaidi.
Gost Books, London, 2022.   Cat# ZJ826    ISBN-13: 978-1910401637

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Campesino Cuba.
Text by Richard Sharum.
GOST Books, 2021.   Cat# ZJ828    ISBN-13: 978-1910401620
Lina Scheynius. My Photo Books. An 11-Book Box Set.
Photographs by Lina Scheynius.
Jbe Books, 2021.   Cat# DU222    ISBN-13: 978-2365680080
Photographs by Bart Heynen.
powerHouse Books, New York, 2021.   Cat# PY380    ISBN-13: 978-1576879832
Bliss. Beaches.
Photographs by Randall Kaplan.
Cameron Books, 2021.   Cat# AB495    ISBN-13: 978-1951836177

Weathering Time.
Photographs by Nancy Floyd.
GOST Books, 2020.   Cat# ZJ516    ISBN-13: 978-1910401422

Found Not Lost.
Photographs by Elliott Erwitt.
GOST Books, 2020.   Cat# ZJ360    ISBN-13: 978-1910401316
A Carnival of Mimics.
Text by Max Kozloff.
powerHouse Books, New York, 2021.   Cat# PY379    ISBN-13: 978-1576879641
Photographs & Text by Donna Ferrato.
powerHouse Books, New York, 2021.   Cat# PY376    ISBN-13: 978-1576879108

The Boys.
Photographs by Rick Schatzberg.
powerHouse Books, New York, 2020.   Cat# PY375    ISBN-13: 978-1576879634
Beasts of Burden.
Photographs by Paul Seawright.
Strzelecki Books, Cologne, 2021.   Cat# IZ008   
By Ken Graves and Eva Lipman.
TBW Books, 2021.   Cat# ZJ872    ISBN-13: 978-1942953470
Mischling 1.
Sara Davidmann.
GOST Books, London, 2021.   Cat# ZJ827    ISBN-13: 978-1910401552
My Japan.
Photographs by Issei Suda.
Fw: Books, 2021.   Cat# IB988    ISBN-13: 978-9490119959

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