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Photographs by Ricardo Cases.
Dalpine, Madrid, 2022.   Cat# ZK082    ISBN-13: 978-8409338634
Estudio elemental del Levante.
Photographs by Ricardo Cases.
The Ice Plant, Dalpine Books and Torch Press, 2020.   Cat# ZJ523    ISBN-13: 978-0999265550
A les 8 al bar Eusebi.
Photographs by Salvi Danés.
Dalpine, 2020.   Cat# ZJ276    ISBN-13: 978-8409178865

Like Stains of Red Dirt.
Photography by Juan Orrantia. Graphic design by Jaime Narváez.
Dalpine/Fiebre Photobook, 2020.   Cat# ZJ343    ISBN-13: 978-8409190201

Photographs by Andrew Waits.
Dalpine, Madrid, 2018.   Cat# ZH851    ISBN-13: 978-8409062188

A Companion to Federico Clavarino’s ‘The Castle’.
Photographs by Federico Clavarino. Text by Franz Kafka, Peter Sloterdijk, Giorgio Agamben, Guy Debord.
Dalpine, Madrid, 2016.   Cat# ZH056   
Photographs by Bernardita Morello. Design by Eloi Gimeno.
Dalpine, Madrid, 2016.   Cat# ZH036   
El Blanco. English Edition.
Photographs by Ricardo Cases. Text by Iván del Rey de la Torre.
Dalpine, Madrid, 2016.   Cat# ZH055   

The Castle.
Photographs by Federico Clavarino.
Dalpine, Madrid, 2016.   Cat# ZG762    ISBN-13: 978-8460853596

Photographs by Salvi Danés.
Dalpine, Madrid, 2015.   Cat# ZG761    ISBN-13: 978-8460682936

Ama Lur.
Photographs by Jon Cazenave.
Dalpine, 2015.   Cat# ZG297    ISBN-10: 8461737148

Photographs by Michele Tagliaferri.
Dalpine, Madrid, 2015.   Cat# ZG437    ISBN-13: 978-8460686071

Podría Haberse Evitado.
Photographs by Ricardo Cases.
Dalpine/Temple galerie et éditions, Madrid, 2015.   Cat# ZG851   
Photographs by David Hornillos.
Dalpine, 2014.   Cat# ZG014    ISBN-13: 978-8461699186

Photographs by Fosi Vegue.
Dalpine, 2014.   Cat# ZG015    ISBN-13: 978-8461703166

Karma. Second Edition.
Photographs by Oscar Monzon.
RVB / Dalpine, 2013.   Cat# ZF649    ISBN-13: 979-1090306189

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